Thursday, January 14, 2016

That'd Be Nice

I just checked my powerball numbers for the $1.6 billion jackpot.  I didn't win.


I joined the craze of buying a few tickets for the mega jackpot and openly admit that I did not even know what I was doing.

"Can I help you, sir?" asked the clerk.

"Yes, I'd like 5 powerball tickets," was my naive reply.

"Quick picks?"

Not wanting to appear like a rookie powerballer, I answered, "Of course." 

"You want those to be powerplays?"

"Yes," whatever that means.....

He punched some buttons on a machine that spit out a receipt.

"That's fifteen dollars."

What?  I thought lotto tickets were $1 each?  Geez, this powerballin' is expensive...and what does this "powerplay "add-on even do??

I handed over the cash and left-- glassy eyed that I had the golden ticket to something even better than Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

One point six billion dollars          $1.6 billion            $1,600,000,000   

No matter how it's written, it is still a hog's load of money... a gluttonous amount of money...way too much money.  I'm unique as I would rather see 1,600 instant million dollar winners as the ripple effect would most likely positively impact more people than three winners splitting an absolute fortune that they could never spend in their lifetimes. 

But, I'm not in charge.

Patrick, I told you when I won I'd help you and your buddies out.  I guess that old bingo hall that has been abandoned for over a decade will continue to stand empty instead of my buying and gutting it of all asbestos.  My hiring you to be in charge of things will have to wait as well as my building walls of lockers will also be postponed.  So, I guess you will still sleep in the park, with snow drifting down on your grizzled beard, and continue having your backpack of meager possessions stolen after you try to stash it under a bush while you head out to day labor jobs.

Perhaps one of the guhzillionaires will read this and reach out to me and ask where they can spend some of their fortune in a very good and meaningful way. 

That'd be nice.

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