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Politics.  Simply seeing the word is nauseating.  Stir in fake politicians with silver tongues, special interest groups dumping in hoards of money and never-ending campaign advertisements and this guy wants to detach from the world. I'm giddy that the elections are over and I always vote--it's the gift for which our founding fathers fought and died.  I stay silent in the world of politics, but, like anything, if someone has something to say, I'll listen and make my own, private opinion.

I was approached to host a script written by someone who has something to say. BearPaw is bluntly outspoken and was moved by a recent Presidential decision to sit and write.  I remain quiet, but will host my first guest blogger.  And, I get to leave a parting shot.
When a TV anchor or radio personality is away from their show, the program manager finds a
qualified replacement in their absence.  In the case of the Rambling Moustache he is not on a hiatus and I’m not filling in for my writing ability, rather I told him I was writing a piece for his blog, and the horrible excuse of a mustache that I’ve attempted to grow makes me perfect for his page. Now some people know me as Bear Paw, an undeserving name in my opinion, or A-hole by others.  I
guess for now I’ll take Bear Paw without complaining too much, because as this blog “Rambles” on,
there will be plenty to complain about. 

I have had several talks with my 15 year old son about events that I have witnessed through the
magic of television.  I say that with tongue in cheek by the way.  The events I’m talking about range from sports highlights, coupes that have taken place around the world with cameras rolling, and a Wall of despair being torn down.  I would like to think, that so far in my 41 years on this Earth, I have witnessed amazing events unfold.  I have also missed several of those “live” events due to being at work.  I think the one I should have watched unfold on the national stage was the death of a Democratic Republic and the birth of a Dictator.
That’s right good people of the mustachio kind, I’m talking politics.  Now if you were raised with even an ounce of common sense you know there are a couple of things you really don’t talk about at home. Politics, Religion, and Money are the big three that come to mind, or was it Sex not Money.  I don’t know but Politics for sure, that’s the one button that can make your Mother lose her mind, have your Father yelling at the TV, and your Grandparents looking for the bottle of wine. The good news is we still have several days yet before Thanksgiving and having everyone in the house all together at the same time, I'm not part of your family.
On 11/21/14 the President of the United States of America signed an executive order that paves the
way for approximately 4 million undocumented illegal aliens in this country to be here legally.  These
folks are going to have to pass a background check, work like everyone else, and pay their fair share of taxes, and enjoy the benefits of being in the greatest country.  I believe one other qualification is the potential candidates have to show they have been inside the United States illegally for at least 5 years.
Now before you get into your Subaru Outback with your Birkenstocks and Patchouli oil on read very
carefully.  I am not writing about the possible effects of this action, or about the people this will benefit.  No folks, I’m simply here to say that if you were watching your boob tube when this speech was made, you observed history.  You watched as the Constitution of this great county was thrown out, the balance of power was disregarded, and the birth of a Dictator happened.  It happened!
“How can you say that, you rooten tooten gun shooten red neck dumb ass conservative white guy”? 
See, I told you I’m not a writer, well unless it’s on a report.  Anyways, I digress like a Bike Cop.  I don’t necessarily consider myself a conservative, because I sure as hell haven’t made it rich from the good ol’ boy club, nor am I part of the rich white guy club.  I tend to vote and support politicians based on rationality rather than a party that has to be funded by huge amounts of corporate dollars.  I would support this President, if he wasn’t a dumb ass. 
Before I continue the ramble, I have to address being able to call the President a dumb ass.  A few
years ago I said that in front of my daughter who was probably 8 or 9 at the time, and she was so upset.  She wasn’t upset that I cursed; she wasn’t upset that I was angry; she was upset that I was going to be arrested for talking about the President.  Now both of my children have copies of the Constitution, courtesy of my Father, but I’m sure they didn’t bother to even look at the cover let alone read any of it.  So I explained to her that this country was founded on a certain unalienable rights.  Those rights include the obvious right of Freedom of Speech, and it’s obvious that our speech is obviously not free, but if the No Such Agency wants to monitor the fact that I called the President a dumb ass, feel free. 
I’m not sure I covered what I wanted to in that last paragraph, but hey I’m writing this as a guest
mustachio so screw it. Oh yeah, so I have Freedom of Speech, granted to me by the Constitution.  The CONSTITUTION!!! It’s a document that lays out the frame work of how this country is to be governed. The Constitution has separation of powers that rely on checks and balances.  There are laws that are passed, there are laws that are analyzed, and they are to be enforced all done by the separate entities that make up our system.
Now here comes the birth I’ve been talking about.  There are immigration laws that are already in
place, which obviously are not working.  I really don’t think there are too many people out here that
believe the laws that are set up are spot on, but they are the laws that have been passed, they are the
laws on the books, and they are the laws that President Obama needs to enforce.  So on 11/21/14,
when he signed his executive order that basically gives amnesty to 4 to 5 million people that have been living in this country “in the shadows”, not paying taxes, and not to mention  ILLEGALLY, he bypassed current laws, and made his own.
The birth of a Dictator! A Dictator doesn’t ask, they don’t set up committees to analyze the issues,
they act.  They have been given the authority to rule over the simple man, by the hand of GOD, and they will do so without impunity.  The Dictator cares not for your opinion, cares not if you believe their decision is legal or not, the Dictator acts and if you don’t like it TOUGH SHIT!  Therefore, without even a shot being fired, without a coupe being played out on live streaming television, without mass carnage or destruction of property, a Dictator was born and the Democratic Republic died. 
WOW! I did it by God, I actually was able to sit here without driving myself insane, and write out the
first guest mustachio piece that I know of, but then again I don’t know everything, GEEZ!  I’m not the most political person you’ll run across; I didn’t study Political Science in college unless it was at a house party and included doing keg stands or puking off some stranger’s balcony. What I am though is a man who has served this county.  I am a man that believes in fairness, and I am a man that believes that as an American, Don't Tread On Me.
If you read this ramble all the way through, thank you.  If you stopped midway or at the Birkenstock
comment then screw off because you’re not reading this part anyways.  As the Bear Paw sits and writes, it’s obvious; the launch of the Bear Paw blog is soon to come. (Click here to visit the developing blog.) Thank you Rambling Moustache for allowing me to ramble, and if you lost any of your followers, well like I said earlier TOUGH SHIT!

The Rambling Moustache ends with a few comments. Mr. BearPaw, last time I looked at your skin, it's white with ancestors probably dating back to Europe.  Hence, way back in your family tree are the original Illegal Immigrants to this country who heavily trampled over the landscape, claiming ownership despite the Native Americans already calling it home...
Anyhow, I'm headed to the trails in my Outback, feet relaxed in Birkenstocks, and will get cleaned up afterwards using Patchouli soap! 

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