Friday, July 18, 2014

Moustache Unplugged #15

hehehe...I seize the moment to work on my letter.....

Dear Jackass News Reporters,

Unbelievably, I've listened for days and not only does my moustache violently twitch with your simplistic vocabulary, but my ears furiously sizzle and my butt hairs angrily bristle with your "live and on the scene" news feeds.

Two police officers were shot by a concealed coward who waited in ambush. He had the advantage of darkness and being the hunter while the responding officers unknowingly became the hunted. On their arrival, bullets flew from the chickenshit's rifle with some unfortunately connecting. Two wounded officers were whisked away to the hospital while the pussy collapsed on the street after sustaining minor injury, surrendering his purely pathetic ass to authorities.

"Both officers are okay..." stream from virtually all reporters, regardless of the channel.

Are you fucking kidding me?  Yes, I said and own the utilization of the "F" other word came to mind for proper emphasis. I'm criticizing your vocabulary, so go ahead, criticize mine.

We are not talking about a simple nosebleed, a little boo-boo or a scratch from a hyperactive puppy where such victims are expected to be "okay."  We're talking high velocity gunshot injuries that shred skin, ravage tissues, fragment bone, explode nerves and destroy blood vessels that violently bleed.

And you flippantly toss out that the "officers are okay?"  How dare you!

"They are stabilized..."  "They are being treated..."  "They are seriously wounded..."  "They have sustained significant damage that does not appear life-threatening... "  Any of these phrases are far more appropriate.

Plus, have you even had a wisp of thought about the mental challenges lying in wait for those officers?  Their lives have dramatically changed.  Physical scarring and disfigurement will be a nonstop reminder of the terrifying event for the rest of their lives.

Newscasts commonly sensationalize trivial, nonsensical crap in hopes of boosting ratings, yet with this very serious event, your words minimize the degree of severity and fail to recognize the true heroes who put the welfare of others ahead of themselves.

And you have the audacity to report that they "are okay."   Shame on you.

Do Better!
The Moustache


Attention Readers: Yet again, I failed to log off and The Moustache hijacked my blog.  Due to some seriously profane language and enough "shit-talking" to plug up toilets statewide, I was forced to perform a robust edit. However, like his previous rants, the opinions expressed I do support. 

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