Sunday, February 22, 2015

Moustache Unplugged #26

hehehe...undetected I take the opportunity to work on my letter...

Dear Vail Resorts,

Your huge, land grabbing, resort hoarding, guest focused conglomerate really disappointed me last fall. Having knowledge of some of your massive holdings, I know that you know better...and you failed miserably.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Annual Update

One year ago right now, I was strung out on pain killers with a Achilles tendon that had been sliced from my heel bone and a sheared bone spur extracted from the interior of the cord.  Since the tendon was yanked off to the side, Doc thought it was prime time to grind the heel bone to perfection.  He then literally nailed the tendon back in place and I experienced pain that could not be tuned out.  Bigger and better doses got me through the tough days and I literally was bedridden with nothing to do.  Stir crazy was an understatement.  Being task oriented and self diagnosed with OCD, I struggled with all the thumb twiddling. With the help from a gracious friend, I created this blog that provided an outlet to occupy all the idle time.

Friday, February 6, 2015


Beside you, our connection was virtually telepathic. We need not waste words since we could share an entire conversation without making a sound.  Time spent together was never taken for granted, it was simply sequential pieces along the timeline of life that we enjoyed being side by side.  The thought of you not being around was too distant, too far-fetched, too ridiculous. But, it happened.